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My Process – Finding Shared Ancestors

Born In New Orleans

I was telling my sister how I’ve made some progress recently and I quickly realized that she had no idea what I was talking about and I think it’s because she’s not on Ancestry.  So I’m going to show how I make connections – mainly for my family that has no idea how I do what I do. Here goes…

1. DNA Results

First things first. My mom had her DNA tested through AncestryDNA.  When we got the results back – this is what her DNA match pages look like.  This a short list of 3rd cousin matches to my mom.  DNA matches

2. Create a Mirror Image Tree

I then view their tree and create a tree that looks just like theirs – with the DNAmatch as the home person.

3. Link DNA

Instead of spending HOURS on one DNA match’s tree and trying to find how we’re connected, I…

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Suspect breaks down in court when judge recognizes him as former classmate

I am in tears! Hopefully, this experience will change his path!

St. Lucia Slave Census of 1815 , reflecting English or French Slave Trade Patterns?

Tracing African Roots

Saint Lucia Slave Census of 1815


Number of slaves 16,282
Creole (i.e. born in the Americas) 12,750 (78% of total)
African 3,488 (21% of total)
African specified ethnically/regionally 2,638 (16% of total)


Ibo (Nigeria) 894 – 34% of African specified
Congo (Congo) 574 – 22% of African specified
Moco (Nigeria/Cameroon) 291 – 11% of African specified

Origins of African-born slaves St Lucia 1815

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Father Strangles And #Drowns Three #Daughters So He Doesn’t Have to Pay #Dowry



Feb 18, 2015, Gujarat,

A 33-year-old Indian man strangled his three daughters and threw their bodies into a canal because he was afraid he’d never be able to afford dowry for their weddings. Police were alerted to the crime when a villager found three bodies floating face down in a canal. Dubey told his wife he was taking his young daughters – Ankita, 9, Priya, 7, Bhavna, 2 – to a local fair, but he instead led them to the canal where he strangled each one of them. Dubey had reportedly been suffering from depression after losing nearly $6,000 in a business deal a few months ago, his 32-year-old wife Meera Devi said “I do not know why he killed the girls. I have no idea, it’s so out of character,” Devi said. “He loved them very much. Our daughters were our world. He had always been a very loving…

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Myth Busting Human Sexual Anatomy Quiz

Solution Focused Life Coaching with Dr Gary Wood (Birmingham, Edinburgh, Telephone, Skype)

We have many taken-for-granted assumptions about the biology of men and women. So, I offer this, provocative, human anatomy quiz to help explore and unpack some of those assumptions.

The Questions:

  1. True of false? Women are biologically the weaker sex.
  2. True or false? Men have male hormones and women have female hormones.
  3. True of false? Women have testosterone.
  4. True of false? The anus has an erotic capacity for both men and women.
  5. True of false? The anus has an erotic capacity irrespective of sexual orientation.
  6. True or false? The correct name for the female genitals is the vagina.
  7. True of false? A clitoris is like a tiny penis.
  8. True or false? The clitoris is the only organ in the human body with the sole function of sexual pleasure.
  9. True of false? The ovaries and the testes are formed from the same embryonic tissue.
  10. True or false? Biologically, the…

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The Clitoris, the Penis, Political Correctness and Biological ‘Factness’

Facts about your anatomy this isn’t taught! This is why comprehensive sex education is important! Thanks Dr. Gary Wood!

Solution Focused Life Coaching with Dr Gary Wood (Birmingham, Edinburgh, Telephone, Skype)

drgarywood_blog_subscribe copyIn my previous post, The Myth Busting Sexual Anatomy Quiz, one of the answers in particular prompted comments and questions. I stated that the clitoris is not a mini-penis as it is often described but rather, biologically speaking, the penis is an enlarged clitoris? But how can this be and does it really matter?

Firstly the ‘clitoris as mini-penis’ description assumes a primacy of the penis. It assumes the penis comes first (pause for sniggering). There’s also the not-so-subtle suggestion that the clitoris as mini-penis is an under developed penis and therefore an inferior organ. So yes it does matter because these assumptions are biologically incorrect.

Male development requires hormones to suppress female development and further hormones to enhance male development. This makes female anatomy the platform for male development and so technically the penis is an enlarged clitoris. Of course this sounds provocative because it goes against the…

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Sex and Gender are NOT the Same Thing! All Gender is a Drag!

I’ve been saying this for years. Science is finally catching up to truth!

Solution Focused Life Coaching with Dr Gary Wood (Birmingham, Edinburgh, Telephone, Skype)

One of the things to emerge from the Caster Semenya controversy (in the 2009 World Championships) is the misconception that the terms sex and gender mean the same thing. They do not. Numerous sources, including ones that should know better, have been waffling on about ‘gender tests’ when what they actually mean is biological sex tests.  Sex as a categorization is a biological designation. It refers to the physiological characteristics that differentiate males and females.

Gender is the social interpretation of biological sex. It refers to socially constructed roles in the form of behaviours, activities and other social attributes that any particular culture or society considers appropriate for women and men. So, “male” and “female” are sex categories, while “masculine” and “feminine” are gender categories. Now there are also wide gender variations with any culture. For instance, do rugby players have the same gender as librarians, stamp collectors…

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