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In Defense of Pubic Hair (And The Freedom Of Choice)

by on May 28, 2013

Thought Catalog

I had a number of other essays I wanted to write tonight. There were other topics that deserved attention, essays I humbly felt might shed light on the human condition, on the difficulties and odd experiences we all deal with on a daily basis. But here I am, writing a defense of pubic hair.

Why? Because of this article.

Also I sat down and pressed fingers to keys at the behest of certain Thought Catalog readers who asked that someone respond. As a person who loves a woman’s natural look, I felt I was a perfect candidate to throw myself on this particular hairy grenade. I don’t intend to bash the writer, or his style, only his rather blunt and ill-minded argument. But most importantly, I want to defend something that matters to me… a woman’s right to be whomever the fuck she wants to be. And not just a…

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